LEITNER ropeways responsible for innovative facelift of Dorfbahn Serfaus

Prestigious project in top tourism destination in Tyrol

Still a model example of efficient mobility, reducing individual transport in particularly sensitive, Alpine regions: Dorfbahn Serfaus, popularly known as the “U-Bahn”, is actually technically a funicular. LEITNER ropeways is currently working on a full overhaul including a complete technological “facelift” of the ropeway, which has been providing sustainable transport services in the heavily touristed Tyrolean village since 1986.


Revolutionary and unprecedented over 30 years ago, it is still considered a visionary concept with great practicality today. The four stations “Parkplatz”, “Kirche”, “Zentrum” and “Seilbahn” give passengers access to all important areas of the village on the air cushion funicular along a 1,280-meter route. In 2016, the decision was made to comprehensively modernize the funicular, with LEITNER ropeways providing all technical ropeway services. Among other things, this includes equipping the funicular with the particularly silent and environmentally friendly DirectDrive and the intuitive LeitControl control system. LEITNER ropeways is also responsible for equipping the installation with communication, platform information and video systems in all stations, on platforms and in engineering rooms. The emergency radio system in the tunnel is part of the modern safety infrastructure included in the “LEITNER package” for the Dorfbahn Serfaus.


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