LEITNER DirectDrive

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Direct Drive

The LEITNER DirectDrive a gearless drive system for ropeways – is unparalleled across the world.

It consists of a low-speed synchronous motor, and its output shaft is directly linked to the sheave.
Foregoing a complex gear system has considerable advantages in terms of its operation.

High degree of reliability

LEITNER DirectDrive

As the LEITNER DirectDrive comprises fewer parts and has a lower rotational speed, it ensures that systems are exposed to less wear and tear, have a lower risk of malfunction and are highly reliable. What’s more, the greater level of running smoothness reduces noise emissions at stations by around 15 dB in comparison to conventional drive mechanisms. This is advantageous to both passengers and residents alike.

Gearless, oil-free and sustainable

LEITNER DirectDrive

The world’s only gearless drive system for ropeways enables significant costs to be saved. The LEITNER DirectDrive works using a synchronous motor with an output shaft that is directly linked to the pulley wheel. The direct drive mechanism comprises three moving parts (a rotor and two bearings) that move in line with the rotational speed of the pulley wheel. In contrast to conventional planetary gear drive systems, absolutely no engine oil is required. In planetary gear drive systems such as the LP300, the gears require around 350 liters of oil, which must be replaced after 6,000 hours of operation. Therefore, if the LEITNER DirectDrive is only operated during the winter months for around 1,500 hours per season, a total of 1,750 liters of oil would be saved after 20 years. In addition to being significantly less expensive to run, this would, above all, make the ropeway more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable technology boosts operators’ corporate image

LEITNER DirectDrive

The LEITNER DirectDrive brings numerous commercial benefits to ropeway operators. Lift operating companies can, for example, use the DirectDrive to publicize themselves as innovative, environmentally minded businesses, thereby keeping in tune with the growing awareness of environmental issues among the general public.