Suppliers section

How to become a LEITNER supplie

Would you like to work with a global specialized company, offering its products and/or services? This is the area dedicated to research, selection and evaluation of new cooperative relationships. LEITNER is always looking for suppliers offering high quality services that are in line with its own corporate policy and code of ethics.


How can you become a LEITNER supplier?

You can submit an application for a given category of services simply by completing the assessment questionnaires at the links below, depending on the services provided. The first step to acceptance of an application is completing all sections of the questionnaire, at no cost, and providing the documents requested.


Construction of tower with helicopter

CONSTRUCTION SITE SERVICES: mechanical ropeway assembly, industrial and/or civil electrical assembly, construction assembly

SUPPLY OF DIRECT MATERIALS: for manufacturing companies linked to LEITNER product categories and product processing

LEITNER does not provide any guarantee on orders. The self-assessment questionnaire should be considered a spontaneous application and will be evaluated carefully. If the supplier is identified as being of interest and if LEITNER has a need for its services, an assessment of qualification will be undertaken, followed by conclusion of commercial contracts. We should also advise that the assessment of qualification will be processed in accordance with the work load and business priorities established by LEITNER.