Premium Station

Sophisticated, comfortable, safe

Designed by Pininfarina

Premium Station

The design of the station bears the hallmarks of Italian design studio Pininfarina and meets the company’s high standards for form, innovation and technology in every way. In particular, it emphasizes maximum operational and maintenance functionality. Impressive technical and design innovations make the station a real all-rounder.

Reduced snow and wind loads

Wind Premium Station

The sophisticated shape minimizes snow and wind loads, also ensuring that the entire structure, including the foundations, is not exposed to unnecessary additional loads.

Covered vehicles

Covered vehicles Premium Station

The most obvious change is the significantly extended station roofing, which completely covers the vehicles passing underneath it. The resulting optimized rain and snow protection makes the journey a more comfortable experience for passengers.

Ascent into the station

Ladder Premium Station

The ascent into the station has become considerably safer and more comfortable. The steps are now at an angle of just 45 degrees and moved from the front to the rear of the station, where the vehicles travel more slowly.

More space, greater safety

LEITNER has introduced some functional innovations that make working at the station both safer and more convenient. The new station design with its elongated covering also makes rope inspection easier: a larger, easily visible area about 2 meters in length is now available for this purpose.

The ventilation system of the new station can be adapted to any climatic conditions. It comes with a variable number of movable ventilation components that can be swiveled out either at the top or bottom, automatically r manually. As a result, the ventilation output is almost infinitely variable.


Roof access
The roof access system has been redesigned to allow access from inside the station. Ropeway service workers no longer need to climb through a roof hatch to reach the roof. The changed angle of the roofing now allows a ladder to be fitted at the window, providing comfortable and safe access to the roof thanks to the new direction in which the windows open.

Innovation meets elegance

Illumination Premium Station

The new station, jointly produced by LEITNER and Pininfarina, exhibits impressive technological innovation and a sophisticated approach to maintenance and function. With its attractive design, this product will benefit companies, staff and winter sports enthusiasts alike.