Premium Cabin Diamond EVO

Symbiosis of two successful models

Design and Quality

The newly designed main frame as well as the outer profile, both based on the successful Pininfarina design of the Symphony cabins, once again represented a quantum leap forward in optical stylings for the ropeway market.


The Diamond EVO’s visible innovations include flatter supporting structures and the ability to equip the exterior lighting (contour lighting) with LED strips to be integrated into the supporting profiles. In keeping with understated style trends, the bumpers are also discreetly designed and equipped with practical handles for easy manual movement.

Panoramic experience on mountains and in cities

Following through on your vision requires the right perspective.

With the premium cabin Diamond EVO, LEITNER once again proves that foresight in ropeway design is more than just technical innovation. The Diamond EVO’s all-round glazing allows guests to marvel at their impressive surroundings from all angles.


Optimal interior climate

The cabin ventilation can be designed in a variety of ways to meet different requirements depending on the intended use — from urban cable cars in tropical countries to transport for athletes up the mountain in winter. Tiltable windows are possible on the valley, mountain or support tower sides of a cabin. In addition, there is the option to install additional ventilation slots if necessary (e.g. in the area under the benches).


Fantastic views

Whether it’s a breathtaking mountain panorama or the city lights of a thriving metropolis, the 360° view showcases the unique landscape.

Proven technology meets know-how

The Diamond EVO also offers numerous possibilities for equipping doors and ski holders.

The cabin can be equipped with sliding doors with affixed parts on the side or with panorama doors that can be installed over the entire surface. Various solutions are also available for ski transport. Ski holders can be attached to the outside of the door as usual. Additionally, it is also possible to transport the skis inside the cabin.


Automatic sliding doors

The previously obligatory lever at the bottom of the door is no longer required. As a result, the interior space is enlarged, providing passengers with considerably more comfort thanks to additional legroom. Moreover, the passengers’ subjective feeling of safety is improved, as the doors no longer move when leaning against them.

Innovation across the line

When it comes to technical excellence, innovation and design quality, LEITNER sees itself as an industry pioneer. The interior design of the new Diamond EVO reflects this sentiment.

In everything we do, your needs as a customer are paramount!


Feel-good ambience

The cabin’s special shape creates a unique, open feeling of space and provides guests with an optimal feel-good ambience throughout the journey. Enjoy the fantastic feeling of floating to the fullest.


Pleasant interior light

To ensure a pleasant journey for customers, we also proudly feature a lighting concept individually tailored to your needs. Diamond EVO features highest quality in every respect.


Highest seating comfort

The bench profiles can be covered with different materials. Classic options include carpet, synthetic material, or aluminum. Or choose leather for more sophistication! We are also able to manufacture seats individually as opposed to a single piece. This makes it much easier to replace cushions damaged during operation.

More customization

Better marketing

Don’t forget: Cabins can be custom branded to take your corporate design and the existing leitmotif of your company into account.


Custom made just for you

With the Diamond EVO, individuality is more than just style, design and functionality. It also entails perfectly integrating your personal needs as a ropeway operator.

Cabins are available in different sizes, i.e. Standard and XLine. Choose the size that best suits your needs. The possibility of exterior lighting also provides an additional visual ‘wow’ effect when operating the ropeway. Furthermore, there are various floor materials available including sheet metal with a ribbed structure or non-slip rubber coverings. The choice is yours!

Premium cabin Diamond EVO by LEITNER ropeways. Designed to inspire you and your guests.

Premium Cabin Diamond EVO