LEITNER Premium Chair EVO

Experience a new dimension of comfort

Experience a new dimension of comfort

Evolution means building on existing strengths, which is just what we did with our Premium Chair EVO. The new, upgraded version offers even more ride comfort and safety.

Simply EVOlution!

Premium design and quality

Our Premium Chair EVO impresses not only with the proven seating comfort, but also with its simple elegance. Its premium materials, like genuine leather, are just as impressive as the discerning design.

It turns a standard chairlift ride into a premium class experience.

Generous exit opening

Our new exit opening allows even particularly large guests to board and deboard safely. As a result, there is no longer a risk of passengers banging their heads.

More comfort at the sides

The redesigned side walls are mado of shock-absorbing material. That provides additional comfort for the passengers an  a visual upgrade of the new Premium Chair EVO.

Technology and innovation

We believe that technology is not successful unless passengers don´t even notice it. The optimized chair suspension technology prevents both high- and low-frequency vibrations getting through to the passengers. That results in an extremely comfortable and silent ride experience combined with outstanding smoothness.

Simple maintenance

We have made maintaining the Premium Chair EVO easier than ever before with the redesigned openings behind the backrest cushions. Quick and simple - keeping your maintenance cycles short.

More customization

Today, an individual look is no longer a luxury, we have come to expect it. To achieve this, our Premium Chair EVO is available in three different bubble colorways, either galvanized or black powder-coated chair frames, and not least different safety bars and cushioning types, which can be customized further by embroidering your logo into the seat.

That means you can choose the design to match your corporate image perfectly - enhancing the skiers` overall experience!

Premium Chair EVO