Luxury Cabin Symphony 10

Maximum comfort in Pininfarina look

Incomparable an unrivaled

The Luxury Cabin SYMPHONY 10 luxury cabin by LEITNER is unique in every way. Unique features abound, from the unmistakable look of the Pininfarina-designed cabins, panoramic windows with 360° views and spacious passenger areas, right up to the finest interior fittings.
The SYMPHONY 10 delivers unrivaled exclusivity for passengersand operators.

Designed by Pininfarina

Renowned Italian design studio Pininfarina developed and created the SYMPHONY 10 based on its ‘big sister’, the Symphony 3S.

Optimized air circulation

The ventilation was perfected by optimizing the air circulation through the air inlets in the lower section of the gondolas, combined with the windows on the support side, to prevent the windows fogging up.
Visionary design gives your passengers great vision.

Transporting skis

A range of different ski racks are available. They can, of course, accommodate snowboards and wide skis. On request, a version with ski racks inside the cabin is also available.

Superior quality, both exterior & interior

The SYMPHONY 10 not only sets new standards for LEITNER, but for the entire ropeway industry, too. The seats are now even wider, with spaces between the individual seats, tangibly increasing seating comfort for every single passenger.

Premium seats

As standard, the SYMPHONY 10 cabins feature genuine leather seats with integrated seat heating.

Premium sport seats

The standard equipment can be upgraded with even more exclusive options. In a first for LEITNER, in addition to heated seat surfaces, the sports seats derived from the sports car segment now offer heated seat backs. Now your passengers arrive relaxed and warm from head to toe.


Panorama glazing

The panorama glazing, which also includes part of the ceiling, is a special highlight. It not only gives guests a 360° view of their spectacular surroundings, but also lets them look up at the sky. That makes the ropeway ride even more relaxing.

Sliding door

The sliding doors open extra-wide to make boarding and disembarking easy – even with baby strollers, bicycles or wheelchairs. The automatic sliding doors remain extremely stable even when the ski racks are fully loaded, showing no adverse effects from the additional weight.

More Headroom

The new, space-saving design of the SYMPHONY 10 creates additional space for all of your passengers, as the cabin widens towards the top.

The luxury product for customers who expect the height of luxury

Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of conscious consideration, strategic action and a belief in our ability to develop the best product. With the SYMPHONY 10, LEITNER has created new benchmarks in terms of spaciousness, comfort and adding experiential value to every journey. As a result, it is the ideal premium alternative in the 10-passenger cabin segment – complementing the Diamond EVO.
The new SYMPHONY 10 is to the ropeway market what Wimbledon is to tennis, Rolls Royce to automobile brands or First Class to frequent flyers.

Better marketing

Don’t forget: Cabins can be custom branded to take your corporate design and the existing leitmotif of your company into account.

Luxury Cabin Symphony 10