Material ropeways

Rope-driven transport systems for material
FlyingBelts, CableCranes and MaterialRopeways

Material ropeway systems by LEITNER ropeways are the perfect solution for long distance material transportation in difficult terrains or protected landscapes. Under the brand Agudio, LEITNER ropeways offers its customers innovative solutions for rope-driven material transport. Patented solutions by Agudio are the result of constant innovations through research and development since more than 150 years.

Safety, reliability, speed, sustainability and low operation costs are only a few characteristics that feature the product range including FlyingBelt, CableCrane, MaterialRopeway and other customized material transportation systems on ropes.

FlyingBelts combine the advantages of a conveyor belt with the advantages of a ropeway to offer an innovative way of transporting bulk good on long distances overcoming any difficult terrain.

CableCranes are the fastest and most powerful cable cranes that can be used for the construction of big dams and viaducts. The MaterialRopeways are offering the highest level of reliability, safety and automation.


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Patented aerial belt conveyor suspended on four track ropes.

Agudio FlyingBelt is based on a combination of standard components (wire ropes, flat rubber belt, garlands of rollers, drive drums, etc) in a patented configuration. This allows the installation of the Flyingbelt by itself or the integration with traditional conveyors on the ground. Moreover the use of standard components assures an easy maintenance of the systems.


Capacity: up to 5’000 T/h

Speed: up to 5 m/s

Length: up to 10 km

Single span: up to 1’000 m

Belt width: 600 - 1800 mm

Inclines: up to 25°



Highspeed CableCranes.

Agudio CableCranes are able to offer the highest performances in terms of load and speed both translation and hoisting.

There are several typologies of cablecranes: depending on the way of moving tracking ropes there are radial, parallel or oscillating cablecranes operating on a semi-circular or rectangular area in the construction site.


Capacity: up to 45 ton

Translation speed: up to 8 m/s

Hoisting speed: up to 3 m/s

Span: up to 2’000 m

Vertical rise: up to 400 m

Material ropeways

Material ropeways

Material ropeways with a high level of automation.
Material ropeways

Agudio is able to offer new up to date ropeways or upgrade existing ropeways in order to give very high level of automation to reach the highest level of safety, reliability and efficiency.

Ropeway stations are composed by several electromechanical components (rails, guides, wheels, levers, etc) controlled by a proprietary synchronization system able to assure the safe and fully automated operation of the plant at any speed.


Capacity: up to 800 ton/h

Speed: up to 6 m/s

Length: up to 15 km

Single span: up to 1’500 m

Bucket capacity: up to 2.5 ton

Inclines: no limitation

Special products

Special products

Other material ropeways.
Special products

Within Agudio product portfolio there are also other material ropeways such as inclined planes, hybrid jig-back and temporary material ropeways, which are fully customized according the Customer requirements leveraging on the experience achieved in similar systems for people transportation.

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