A glance back at the past

The history of LEITNER

The most important milestones in the company's history


Gabriel Leitner establishes a business specializing in farm machinery, ropeways for material transportation, waterwheels and sawmills.


LEITNER is involved in the construction of the first ropeway for passenger transportation in Central Europe, the “Kohlernbahn” in Bolzano, Italy.


The business has grown from a workshop with just ten employees to a factory for the series production of agricultural machinery.


LEITNER ropeways builds its first chairlift in Corvara, Italy.


Agricultural machinery production ceased in 1970 and is replaced by snowgroomer engineering. The first snowgroomer is built.


Creation of a new production plant covering 40,000 m2.


Development of the LEITNER detachable grip.


First detachable 4-seater chair: CD4 Absam-Meierl in Obereggen, Italy

First detachable gondola lifts in Brunico and Valtournenche, Italy


Development of an innovative system for passengers transportation starts on the company's premises.


First compact station is built in Racines, Italy.


Opening of an affiliate in the United States and the acquisition of BM Lifts Ltd. In Barrie, Canada.

Opening of the first detachable chairlift with the new drive-tensioning station in Selva Val Gardena, Italy.


Acquisition of Waagner Biro.

The world’s first bicable ropeway in Ortisei, Italy.

Realization of the first chairlift with direct drive in Ladurns, Italy.


The company Pomagalski joins the group.

The debut of the direct drive for ropeways.

Acquisition of Borer Technik of Büsserach, Switzerland, a snowmaker company. Takeover of snowgroomer producer Prinoth and snowmaker Snowstar.

LEITNER SKYLINER® transports almost 9 million people during 153 days of EXPO 2000 in Hanover.


LEITNER employs the synergies between ropeway and wind power technology to develop the LEITWIND wind turbine, in which the DirectDrive acts as a generator.

The first wind power plant starts operation in Malles, Val Venosta Valley in Italy.


Inauguration of the MiniMetro, an innovative automatic people mover system, in Perugia, Italy.


LEITNER’s first 3S ”Ritten-Renon” in Bolzano, Italy.


The first 10-seater monocable gondola lift is built at Kronplatz, Italy.

Takeover of the snow making companies Demac and Lenko.


The group is the first single-source supplier for winter sports technologies. From ropeways and snowgroomers to innovative snow making systems offering ski-area operators an efficient one-stop shop for a full range of products and services.


The LeitDrive frequency converter is the result of LEITNER's consistent development of innovative drive technology. It was gradually introduced in the company's ropeways from 2013. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a modular design, the LeitDrive frequency converter offers the highest degree of cost effectiveness and flexibility. The new technology is especially quiet and environmentally friendly. The waste heat can be used for heating and hot water processing.


LeitControl - The push of a button is enough to activate complex work processes. The new LeitControl control system from LEITNER ropeways not only makes many ropeway processes much easier. With a user-friendly design, advanced ergonomics and uncomplicated user guidance based on modern operating systems, the risk of user error is also reduced, and the training time of new employees is reduced.

The longest monocable gondola lift in the world is realized in Bursa, Turkey.


SYMPHONY: The new cabin designed by Pininfarina

LEITNER Premium Chair: Elegant sports seats in genuine leather


Die 3S Eisgratbahn im Stubaital


Die längste 3S Bahn in den Alpen, die weltweit erste Dreiseilumlaufbahn in zwei Sektionen mit Durchfahrbetrieb. Hier kommen erstmals die eleganten Kabinen mit Namen „Symphony“ zum Einsatz, welche von Pininfarina entworfen wurden. Zudem ist diese Bahn die weltweit erste Dreiseilumlaufbahn, welche mit dem LEITNER DirectDrive ausgestattet ist.


Die LEITNER Symphony 10 Kabine feiert Weltpremiere in Gröden. 77 Kabinen in eleganter schwarz-blauer Optik transportieren dort 3.450 Personen pro Stunde zum Einstieg in die berühmte Sellaronda Skirunde.


Matterhorn glacier paradise


Mit der Eröffnung der höchsten 3S Bahn der Welt am Klein Matterhorn am 29. September 2018 vereinen sich gleich mehrere rekordver­dächtige Fakten in einem einzigen Projekt. So führt die Fahrt über eine Strecke von vier Kilometern auf fast 4.000 Meter Meereshöhe und damit zur höchsten Bergbahnstation Europas. Das acht Kilometer lange Zugseil bringt stolze 67 Tonnen Gewicht auf die Waage und ist auf dem längsten Spannfeld der Anlage über eine Distanz von drei Kilo­meter freihängend installiert.