LEITNER ropeways excites winter sports enthusiasts and solves urban traffic problems

Innovative high-tech solutions, modern design and sustainability

The portfolio of LEITNER ropeways has never been as wide-ranging and innovative as it is today. LEITNER products transport winter sports enthusiasts up into the mountains with comfort and speed, solve traffic problems in large cities and make leisure facilities even more attractive by providing easy access by gondola lift. High-tech solutions and innovative designs from LEITNER ropeways create the perfect basis for comfortable and environmentally friendly passenger transportation. The company from South Tyrol has been producing ropeways since 1888. Today, LEITNER ropeways is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ropeway systems.



The name LEITNER ropeways stands for detachable gondola and chair lifts as well as aerial tramways, funiculars, inclined elevators and fixed-grip ski lifts. The company offers high-tech solutions and its products are noted for their premium quality, superb functionality and sophisticated design. LEITNER ropeways is part of the High Technology Industries (HTI) Group, which also manufactures snowgroomers and tracked utility vehicles (PRINOTH), wind turbines (LEITWIND) and snow making systems (DEMACLENKO). This makes it the only supplier able to deliver a full range of winter technology.