LEITNER ropeways report

The new annual report 2015 is now online

LEITNER ropeways provided technological excellence worldwide in all different areas in 2015, ranging from winter sports through to urban passenger transport in nine countries. Combining high technology, functionality, efficiency, and unique design, ropeways are an innovative and environmentally friendly way to get from A to B. Having pioneered DirectDrive, LEITNER ropeways is unique in boasting 15 years’ experience with the gearless drive system. DirectDrive offers numerous benefits, from low consumption and emissions to improved ride comfort. Fifteen new systems were manufactured out with the innovative drive system in 2015 alone. The latest projects highlight the increasing trend toward excellent ride comfort and modern design. 


The LEITNER ropeways Report 2015 gives you an overview of our installations, which have been realized worldwide in the business year of 2015.