GD10 Seilbahn Gärten der Welt

GD10 Seilbahn Gärten der Welt

The “Gardens of the World – Berlin” ropeway was one of the absolute highlights of the International Garden Show (IGA Berlin 2017). And not just for IGA visitors – the citizens of Berlin were also enthusiastic from day one. The impressive result: The ropeway carried three million passengers in the first six months. It created a new attraction for the German metropolis, which soon became a popular leisure tip for citizens looking for a recreational activity. The ropeway will remain a top spot in the nation’s capital in the future. Since 1st of December 2017, it offers another attractive way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours and enjoy environmentally friendly mobility surrounded by nature.

Company: Leitner Seilbahn Berlin GmbH Location: Berlin Country: Germany Year: 2017 Type of ropeway: GD10

Before construction

Accessibility as a challenge for the IGA site

The IGA in Berlin extends over an area of some 100 hectares. Exploring the site means walking considerable distances. For the elderly, families with children or visitors with disabilities, the 102-metre high Kienberg hill is for example quite a challenge. A form of barrier-free transportation was necessary to permit every nature lover to discover the IGA.  It became clear that a ropeway would best meet the many and varied requirements: it would shorten journeys and facilitate access to all exhibition areas for families with small children, older visitors and those with disabilities. At the same time, a ride on the ropeway is a special experience that stays with people. Ropeways are also environmentally friendly, safe forms of transport that already act as a model for future urban infrastructures in many places. This is because, when compared to other transport methods, ropeways require little by way of construction, emit less noise and run on electricity, a more environmentally-friendly solution.


The ropeway in Berlin was a crowd-puller from day one


Our ropeway recorded 3 million trips while the IGA was open, i.e. from April to October 2017. This shows how popular the system is. On peak days we had up to 35,000 trips. We are proud to have realized such an exciting project in the capital.

Michael Tanzer, Director Seilbahn Gärten der Welt Berlin

The result

Impressive images of the prestige project in Berlin

Frequently asked questions

Great interest shown in Berlin's first gondola lift

Who runs this ropeway and for how long?

The ropeway operator and investor is LEITNER Seilbahn Berlin GmbH. The ropeway will reopen on December 1, 2017 following the 2017 IGA Berlin and is planned to continue running for 3 years. There is a subsequent option to extend this until 2033.

What speed does the ropeway reach and what height does it attain in operation?

The ropeway can reach a maximum speed of 21.6 km/h. The maximum height during the journey is 35 meters above ground level.

What were the environmental aspects that LEITNER ropeways had to consider during construction?

The environmental aspects had top priority during construction. Engineers took the local landscape and natural spaces in the Wuhletal area into consideration from the very beginning of the planning stage, which was heavily influenced by the associated environmental requirements. The protection of local fauna and flora was ensured thanks to ecological construction supervision.

How long did it take to build the ropeway?

LEITNER ropeways constructed the system between December 2016 and April 2017.

What else did LEITNER ropeways realize on the site?

Next to the ropeway station and the Wolkenhain observation platform, at the summit of the Kienberg hill, another exciting highlight was created for visitors large and small: the nature bobsleigh run. Berlin’s first summer toboggan run is a special highlight of the IGA site. It is open until 18:00 daily.

Any questions

Interesting facts

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The result

A popular destination both for Berliners and tourists

During the six months of the International Garden Exhibition, the Gardens of the World ropeway in Berlin recorded around 3 million trips. This means the ropeway can be described as the major highlight of the 2017 IGA Berlin. The garden exhibition closed its doors on 15 October. The ropeway will however remain in place for Berliners to enjoy.

For the people of the capital it is an exciting experience to travel by ropeway, especially as most only know this form of transport from the mountains. On peak days the ropeway recorded up to 35,000 trips. Numerous IGA visitors took the opportunity to float over the exhibition grounds on the ropeway.

After a short break it will resume operations on December 1, 2017. The Gardens of the World exhibition will also be opening its doors again on this day, both as a major recreation area for the people of Berlin and as a tourist attraction. The ropeway operators will also open discussions with the Berlin authorities in order to integrate the ropeway into the public transport network. The aim is to create a sustainable transport link between the districts of Marzahn and Hellersdorf – the Hellersdorf subway station is directly connected to the ropeway station, allowing passengers to reach the city center in just 20 minutes.