GD10 Ecatepec I+II

GD10 Ecatepec I+II

Two LEITNER ropeways gondola lifts have been running on a five kilometer route through the densely populated district Ecatepec de Morelos in Mexico’s largest city since October 2016. Mexico’s first urban ropeway is in operation for 17 hours a day, carrying 17,000 people. For the inhabitants and visitors of Ecatepec de Morelos, this connection means a considerably easier and improved quality of life.

Company: Mexicable Location: Ecatepec Country: Mexico Year: 2016 Type of ropeway: GD10

Before construction

Long waiting times, dangerous school route

Before the ropeway was built, locals had to drive along a winding road to get to a major connecting road. Pupils and students either depended on minibuses – known as “Peseros” in Mexico – or had to walk to school. However, the minibus ride could be very arduous, especially on market days, as the market stands made it far more difficult for the buses to pass. Walking was particularly dangerous.


Time saver for residents

Paul M.

“For the Ecatepec and La Cañada areas in Mexico, this ropeway represents a clean, ecological and modern solution. Instead of wasting hours of their lives in traffic jams, passengers can reach the main transport connections to the center of Mexico City far faster.”

Paul M. Abed, Project manager at Consorcio aristos S.A.B. de C.V., license holder for the ropeway project

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmentally friendly transport solution

What makes this ropeway so unique?

The ropeway consists of two separate gondola lifts, linked by an interchange station, which connect Via Morelos with San Andrès De La Cañada. There are a total of seven stations for passenger boarding and deboarding on the two line sections, 2.9 and 1.8 kilometers in length. The stations, painted by regional and international artists, liven up the cityscape. Distance between the seven stations: Station 1 - Station 2 (1.900m); 2-3 (600m); 3-4 (400m); 4-5 (700m); 5-6 (550m); 6-7 (550m).

What advantages does this ropeway offer residents?

The ropeway offers locals a safe, environmentally friendly and modern means of transportation. It makes residents’ lives much easier and significantly improves the livability of the area.

What were the greatest challenges for LEITNER in this project?

As it was not possible to use helicopters within the municipal area, in some places special technical tools were employed for the construction of the ropeway system. For instance, a drone was used to install the rope.

What is new and special about this ropeway?

The launch of the ropeways in Mexico represents the first use of the LEITNER DirectDrive in North America. The leading drive product is the centerpiece of numerous LEITNER ropeways worldwide and has been powering the way to the future for 15 years now.

Any questions

Interesting facts

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The result

Mexico’s first urban ropeway is a great success

This new connection makes arduous trips in Peseros, lengthy waiting times at bus stops and dangerous school routes a thing of the past. The ropeway is a safe and comfortable solution for locals. On one hand, parents can bring their children to the ropeway station and know that they will get to school on time, and more importantly, safely; on the other, locals no longer have to wait at bus stops for Peseros – they can conveniently board the ropeway cabins, which depart from the ropeway stations all the time. The new gondola lift achieved the goal of creating a safe and reliable means of transportation. This project is also important evidence of the positive effects an urban ropeway can have on life in a big city.