CD6C Panoramabahn

CD6C Panoramabahn

In 2014, LEITNER ropeways built the modern 6-seater chairlift “Panoramabahn”. Equipped with seat heating and the low-noise and low-emission LEITNER DirectDrive, the ropeway offers a comfortable journey. LEITNER KidStop® also makes the ride experience safe for children. The yellow bubbles are an eye-catcher and help visitors find their way, while also ensuring a pleasant trip when the weather is not so good.

Company: Gebrüder Krings Bergbahnen GmbH Location: Obertauern Country: Austria Year: 2014 Type of ropeway: CD6C

Before construction

The Seekarspitzbahn, built in 1991, was the first ropeway installed by LEITNER ropeways for Gebrüder Krings in Obertauern. “For us, that really was a bit of a risk, as there were no ropeways of the kind in Austria,” explains Manfred Krings, Managing Director of Gebrüder Krings Bergbahnen GmbH. The ropeway was built after the company purchased snow groomers from Prinoth which is part of the same group of companies as Leitner. Satisfied with this first cooperation with the group, Krings relied on LEITNER ropeways to make the ropeway project a success too. “Our cooperation was good and, above all, trust-based. As a result, we made all of our investments with Leitner.” The Panoramabahn is intended to offer guests even more comfort and skiing fun.



“As we chose blue bubbles for the Hochalmbahn built 3 years previously, we wanted to make it easier for guests to find their way around the ski resort with yellow bubbles for the Panoramabahn.”

Manfred Krings, Managing Director of Gebrüder Krings Bergbahnen GmbH

The Result

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this ropeway so unique?

The Panoramabahn stands out with the colorful bubbles, giving passengers an unusual ride experience and helping them find their way around the ski resort. In addition, the ropeway is powered by the environmentally friendly and unique LEITNER DirectDrive, which means low noise, reduced wear and greater energy savings.

Why did you choose yellow bubbles for the Panoramabahn?

Having used blue bubbles for the Hochalmbahn, we chose yellow bubbles for the Panoramabahn to make it easier for guests to find their way around the ski resort.

How are bubbles made?

Colored or clear Plexiglas, depending on what the customer wants, are shaped in a highly complex process. The Plexiglas is first tempered in its original form at 110° in a special furnace. That means the part is heated to this temperature, which is maintained long enough for the entire component to be heated evenly to this temperature. That allows us to control the distribution of mechanical tension. A kind of stamp is then pressed slowly into the Plexiglas to give it the bubble shape needed for chairlift seats. The bubbles are then hardened and finished.

What advantages does this ropeway offer skiers?

The Panoramabahn offers winter sports enthusiasts a special ride experience with state-of-the-art technology and a particularly high level of comfort. Equipped with seat heating and LEITNER KidStop®, the ropeway ensures pleasant and safe transport.

How long did it take to build the ropeway?

The ropeway was commissioned after roughly 6 months of construction.

Any questions

Interesting facts

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The outcome

The ropeway’s standout features are the yellow bubbles, which help guests find their way around the ski resort and also ensure a pleasant ride experience when the weather is not so good. Manfred Krings is very pleased with the result: “The different colors are very effective – I think we made the right choice. It is easiest for visitors to find their way around when they can say they are going to take the blue or yellow ropeway.”