The iPhone of the ropeway control systems

LEITNER ropeways leads the way in innovation, user-friendliness and reliability

LEITNER ropeways has always stood for in-house innovations. The driving force behind this is the vision of making the harmony of technological progress, premium design and utmost operating safety a reality. The LeitControl control system including LEITNER visualization technology is one of the company’s special highlights, an outstanding expression of the combination of innovation, functionality and design. Operation today can be this self-explanatory and user-friendly – as simple as an iPhone.


LEITNER ropeways knows that innovations can never come at the expense of reliability. As a result, the components of the LEITNER control system form a reliably functioning and perfectly harmonized overall logic, individually and in synthesis. This builds in particular on one criterion: intuitive handling and operation are the key! LEITNER ropeways’ main aim is to make work easier. “A machine is only ever as good as operators think its handling is. This feeling is then passed on to the visitors in the ski resort, who enjoy functional systems on perfect slopes. Technicians should enjoy operating the control system too,” reports Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering at LEITNER ropeways. The LEITNER control technology including visualization technology offers just that in all its individual parts: from perfect hardware via the sophisticated software to attractive and state-of-the-art devices for automated operation.

All processes at a glance and in one step

The developers and experts at LEITNER ropeways have succeeded in making ropeway control systems attractive. “Previously, ropeway control systems were real monster devices full of switches, displays and flashing lights. We turned it into an elegant stylish product that impresses with self-explanatory operation, perfect applicability and simplicity. The motto behind it is: as many switches and displays as necessary, but also as few as possible,” explains CEO Anton Seeber. These efforts result in products such as LeitControl. All it takes is a single operator panel, where all functions required for everyday work can be performed. While conventional control systems need up to seven steps for some processes, LeitControl saves them in just one process, implementing them fully automatically without further intervention. “That makes working on the system extremely self-explanatory, so it can be

explained quickly, even to beginners,” says Anton Seeber. Another advantage is that all systems in the ski resort can be monitored centrally at one display and presented at a glance by the LEITNER visualization technology. This process visualization system based on Windows not only makes work easier, but also more attractive. “All processes can be recorded at a glance and can be completed in a single step – clear, practical and absolutely user-friendly,” describes Günter Tschinkel. The visualization technology allows individual cabins or chairs to be shown separately and saved for each vehicle. All data and information on the system is available centrally to the control system thanks to the Ethernet network – also facilitating remote diagnostics and remote maintenance via LAN or the Internet. Günter Tschinkel describes this as follows: “These optimized processes combined with top technical standards have changed control systems significantly and bring us tomorrow’s world today!”