Symphony – The new cabin designed by Pininfarina

High tech from the automotive and aerospace industries for the LEITNER 3S System

High tech from the automotive and aerospace industries for the LEITNER 3S System

April 2015 - The new 3S cabins by LEITNER ropeways bear the mark of Pininfarina, the famous designer of Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. The cabin design and comfort are reminiscent of the automotive world: advanced technology, aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. In addition, numerous technological innovations in the 3S carriage provide greater ride comfort and safety. When boarding, passengers immediately sense upscale quality reflected in the wider and higher entryway, which also reduces boarding and deboarding times. The cabin offers 28 comfortable seats with exceptional seating comfort as well as standing room for seven passengers. The all-round glazing with panoramic windows provide stunning views during the ride. Numerous innovative designs include exterior lighting as well as the sophisticated interior illumination tailored to the color scheme of the individual customer.

The lighting concept was developed in conjunction with Bartenbach Lighting Design. The styling exudes individuality and creates the desired recognition effect. In addition, the design quality is reflected in the discrete installation of the loudspeakers, mounted without membranes and invisible in the cabin. The energy concept is state-of-the art, using supercaps, a roller generator and solar panels. Also, close cooperation with qpunkt, the expert in air conditioning in the automotive sector, resulted in the development of a new climate control concept with continuously variable air volume and improved air flow velocity. This significantly enhances the ride experience. For further information on the new 3S system click here.


“The new 3S demonstrates that we can integrate unique designs into nature. Working together with LEITNER and its cabin designer SIGMA, we have developed an innovative cabin with a distinctive character that, using elegance and comfort, makes the mountain experience unique.”

Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Pininfarina Group