LEITNER ropeways updates Rax ropeway in Lower Austria

The ropeway was put back into operation just in time for its 90th anniversary

Extensive ropeway renovation

Extensive ropeway renovation

Within six minutes, the Rax ropeway transports passengers to the high plateau in cabins with capacity for 30 (+1) people, at 1,546m above sea level. This area is one of Lower Austria's top destinations in the Viennese Alps. The decision was taken to renovate the ropeway as part of the process of extending the concession.

LEITNER ropeways won the contract for an extensive ropeway renovation in August 2015. The company boasts many years of experience in modernizing existing systems, managing the entire project. All project planning and mechanical construction work for the Rax ropeway were carried out in Vienna, while the electrical equipment comes from LEITNER AG in Vipiteno. The centerpiece of the renewed single carrying-hauling cable aerial ropeway is the newly developed and certified eight-wheel carriage. Alongside functionality, weight, and cost optimization, attention was also paid to ensuring that the carriage could also be used for further ropeway renovations, such as those due to be carried out on many Austrian and international aerial ropeways over the next few years, by making minor adjustments.

Furthermore, the main drive system was partially renewed and certified.  The modular LeitDrive frequency converters developed in Vienna were used for controlling the drive system. The ropeway was also equipped with a self-sufficient emergency drive system.  The renovated Rax ropeway has been fully operational since July 2016 and will transport passengers to the popular recreation area in both winter and summer.