LEITNER ropeways gondola lift a major attraction in Berlin

Within 6 months, 3 million journeys have been taken in the ropeway

After 6 months, the International Garden Show has come to an end. 3 million journeys have been taken in the ropeway, which will come back into operation on December 1

It has been a huge success, with nearly 3 million journeys taken on the gondola lift in just 6 months, confirming the LEITNER ropeway as the main attraction of the International Garden Show staged in Berlin. In the last few days, after a 6-month run, the IGA Berlin 2017 has closed its doors for the last time having received 1.6 million recorded visitors who, despite the poor weather (rainfall levels in Berlin this summer were the highest ever recorded), wanted to admire the large flower gardens created in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district. With the IGA now at an end, the gondola lift will open again on December 1 after a 40-day break.


“Unfortunately, the six-month Exhibition was dogged by bad weather, which meant that we were unable to meet our initial target of 2 million visitors, but we can be really pleased with the success of the ropeway, on which visitors took nearly 3 million recorded journeys,” explains Michael Seeber, Chairman of LEITNER's Supervisory Board. The LEITNER gondola lift coped stylishly with the great interest shown by Berliners as well as visitors from further afield (60% of visitors came from the German capital itself) in enjoying the excitement of a ropeway ride. Nearly 35,000 passengers were recorded on peak days. Looking ahead to December 1, the gondola lift will reopen at the same time as the adjacent ‘Gardens of the World’. In the future, these will continue to be a major attraction for Berlin residents and tourists alike. Talks with the Berlin authorities will be launched simultaneously to develop closer ties with the city’s public transport system and improve the link between the Marzahn and Hellersdorf districts in a sustainable manner, in light of the new subway station behind the ropeway station, which enables passengers to reach the center of Berlin in just over 20 minutes.




© Image: Frank Sperling