LEITNER ropeways - Agudio merger

Two leading ropeway manufacturers to pool their experience and expertise

Common experience and expertise

AGUDIO SpA, an internationally successful manufacturer of special ropeways with a long tradition, is to be integrated into LEITNER ropeways. The merger will make high-performance ropeways available for use in all manner of different conditions and applications. LEITNER ropeways and AGUDIO are two companies with much in common:

quality, innovation, reliability and a customer-oriented approach that makes the difference. Both enjoy a very long tradition and extensive expertise in ropeway construction with some high-profile names among their international clientele. The same team of AGUDIO experts will continue to support its customers.

Perfect match between unrivaled heritage

LEITNER ropeways has been specializing in ropeway construction since 1888, while AGUDIO’s expertise in material ropeways dates back as far as 1861. With the merger, LEITNER ropeways is adding a materials division to its existing business areas of winter sports, tourism, and urban passenger transport. The two ropeway specialists are the ideal complement for each other in strategic terms. Both set great store by core competencies such as technology, quality, individuality, and sustainability

with specific competences for specific markets like premium design and customization. To maintain their high level of expertise, preserve their leading position on the materials market, and lay the necessary foundation for dynamic growth, AGUDIO’s seasoned teams will remain part of the setup at LEITNER ropeways. Both existing and future customers in this area will thus gain a valuable benefit and the opportunity for successful new ropeway projects.

Based in the Piedmontese town of Leini, AGUDIO was founded in 1861 by engineer Tommaso Agudio. The company started out manufacturing funicular ropeways, subsequently expanding into aerial tramways like the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays, AGUDIO enjoys international success with its special material transport ropeways and thus represents an ideal complement to LEITNER ropeways’ portfolio. Among AGUDIO’s strengths are its flexible, high-performance CableCranes, which are used to transport large volumes of material to hard-to-reach locations. 

Standout projects include Gibe III dam in Ethiopia, Cerro del Aguila dam in Peru, Hoover dam by-pass bridge in US and the Yusufeli Dam, the highest in Turkey and the third-highest in the world. AGUDIO has also enjoyed great success with its Flyingbelt, an aerial belt conveyor able to “fly” over obstacles and challenging terrain. In Barroso, Brazil, AGUDIO is currently building the world’s longest and most powerful Flyingbelt for the company HOLCIM with a total lenght of 4.5 miles between loading and unloading points and more than 0.4 miles in one single span.