LEITNER Premium Chair: Elegant genuine leather sport seats

Debut at the new Brunn 8-passenger chairlift in Kitzbühel

Debut at the new Brunn 8-passenger chairlift in Kitzbühel

April 2015 - Riding the ropeway with the comfort of a luxury limousine. With the new Premium chairs by LEITNER ropeways, winter sports enthusiasts sit especially comfortably and securely. Comfort recognizable at the first glance. These exclusive seats impress with their elegant design, combining styling elements and expertise from the automotive industry with high-quality materials and the latest technology. Genuine leather paddings offer the look of luxury while being particularly slip-proof – a plus especially for small passengers. In addition, seat heating provides an especially comfortable ride experience. The Premium chairs are being installed in the Kitzbühel ski resort for the first time, a new highlight for the Kitzbühel ropeways, demonstrating the premium character of the award-winning ski area.


“I am delighted that from this coming winter we will inaugurate a new unique quality dimension with the Brunn 8-passenger ropeway”

Josef Burger, Chairman of Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel (BAG)