LEITNER DirectDrive

Unrivaled and unique for 15 years!

From development straight to the ski slope

LEITNER ropeways set new standards 15 years ago with the gearless DirectDrive system and the LeitDrive frequency inverter, standards that remain unparalleled today. Their use in roughly 90 ropeways and 335 wind power plants in 24 countries is impressive proof: the strengths of this unique drive technology impress customers around the world and meet exacting reliability, sustainability and silence requirements. One reason for this is the one hundred percent in-house implementation at LEITNER ropeways – from development to production.

In-house production also guarantees top product quality and constant innovation. LEITNER ropeways’ many years of experience brings with it outstanding product and advice expertise, as well as performance for every need. “From development straight to the ski slope” – this significant quality advantage has been impressing customers around the world for over 15 years now. The original by LEITNER ropeways is always “up to date” thanks to full in-house implementation. The company’s research constantly goes straight into the DirectDrive.

in-house production

in-house production

Director Georg Bliem, Managing Director of Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen GmbH, also appreciates the advantages of in-house production: “we first used the DirectDrive by Leitner for the Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen gondola in Rohrmoos. We are committed to combining sustainability and innovation. Our experience with the Leitner system has taught us that environmentally friendly does not always mean less performance – on the contrary!”


Proven efficiency, unbeatable reliability

The centerpiece of the LEITNER DirectDrive is the synchronous motor directly connected to the sheave. It consists of three moving components, the rotor and two bearings. Unlike conventional planetary gear drive systems, it requires absolutely no engine oil. The LEITNER DirectDrive has fewer parts and runs at a lower speed, greatly reducing wear and risk of breakdown. Besides better reliability, lower noise levels are another impressive feature.

Positive experience

Positive experience

That also helped Igor Marzola, owner of the Piz Sella ski resort in Val Gardena, make his decision: “Thanks to the positive experience we had with LEITNER ropeways’ drive technology, we chose DirectDrive again. As there is a cabin with a solarium just a few meters from the drive station, we had to choose the quietest solution. Our choice was just right – the quiet hum of the drive can only be heard up to three meters away, any further away and it’s completely silent.”


Top destinations choose sustainability “by LEITNER”

The efficient drive system is complemented by the LeitDrive frequency inverter - it coordinates perfectly with the engine, guaranteeing high overall efficiency in all load ranges. Using the waste heat from liquid cooling system for heating rooms or water provides additional synergy effects. That helps make the LEITNER ropeways drive system one of the most sustainable and economical in the world. As a result, it is no surprise that many renowned ski resorts like Kitzbühel, Laax or Stubai Glacier use the drive successfully.

New Seekarspitzbahn with DirectDrive

“Gebrüder Krings Bergbahnen GmbH” in Obertauern also considers it “unique and unrivaled” thanks to the many advantages it offers. In summer 2017, they will be upgrading the existing Seekarspitzbahn ropeway with a new LEITNER ropeways product: an 8-seater detachable chairlift with DirectDrive. “Based on the years of excellent cooperation, we chose Leitner again for the new installation. DirectDrive, which we already use in two existing systems, was another reason for our decision. Its key advantages are the low noise levels, low electricity consumption and lower maintenance costs than comparable ropeways,” explains Managing Director Manfred Krings.